Personal Lessons and Takeaways from Re-Reading JL Collins Stock Series

I’m going to re-read JL Collins Stock Series from start to finish. At the time of writing, it’s 31 parts. I’m going to read 3 parts per day over the next 10 days. My goal is to finish before baby #3 arrives as expected on February 19, 2018.

I’m going to re-read because…

  • JL Collins is a smart dude who knows a lot more about money management than me.
  • I don’t recall if I’ve ever read it front-to-back like a book, and I can’t recall everything he talks about.
  • A friend of mine recommended The Intelligent Asset Allocator by William Berstein (which I noticed Jim Collins references in a comment in Part XXIII in response to a reader), and I’m interested to see how Collins’ and Berstein’s investment philosophies differ or mirror.
    • BTW, check out the conversation in the comment section between JLCollins and Mr. Money Mustache from 2012 regarding this exact thing. People who know MMM will get a good kick out of it. I also think this commentary-conversation predates the public publishing of JLCollins Stock Series.
  • Once I finish re-reading the series and finishing The Intelligent Asset Allocator, I’m going to decide on some changes to our own asset allocation across all of our portfolios.
  • I’m going to jot down some personal notes from reading and post them on the blog – keyword “personal”, as in how it applies to us. If you’re interested to follow along, join me in reading the series or just check back to this post for my own thoughts.

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